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Meridia: The New Anti- Obesity Drug :: Diet Pills Health Obesity Essays

Meridia The New Anti- Obesity Drug Introduction In todays society the hegemonic belief surrounding weight down is that decoct is in and fat is out. With over half of the American population being overweight, the diet craze has swept the nation. However, a bigger player has come into the weight loss scene, the pharmaceutical industry. After the abrupt withdrawal of two anti- obesity do drugss from the market in 1997, the pharmaceutical industry has been looking to fill the void in this area of the market. Meridia (sibutramine hydrochloric monohydrate), manufactured by Knoll Pharmaceutical Co, enters with caution what now appears to be a virtually deserted and uncertain anti- obesity market. The drug flora to suppress appetite via serotonin (and norepinephrine) re-uptake inhibition. How Does Meridia Work? In the fall of 1997, fenfluramine (the fen half of the popular fen-phen drug combination) and Redux (dexfenfluramine) were recalled after the drugs were linked to pote ntially fatal heart valve abnormalities. In November of 1997, only a few months after the withdrawal of fenfluramine and Redux, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved Meridia. Meridia is a class of drug known as monoamine (serotonin and norepinephrine) re-uptake inhibitors. It falls in the same class of many anti- depressants such as Prozac. Serotonin is a chemical released in the mindset after you have eaten a meal, which makes you feel full. When a nerve impulse reaches the end of the nerve (the nerve terminal), the impulse causes the release of chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters are released in the quad between the two adjacent neurons, this region is called the synaptic cleft. Usually once the neurotransmitters have bound to their receptors (the neurotransmitter and the receptor fit like a lock and a key) on the adjacent nerve, transport proteins work to reabsorb the extra neurotransmitter back into the nerve terminal so that they can be re used. However, Meridia acts to inhibit the reabsorption of serotonin so the that signal lasts longer, thus giving the sensation that you are full for a longer period of time. This method is thought to effectively reduce the thermic intake of an obese individual due to appetite suppression. For an informational video on the mechanism of action for Meridia visit the world wide web at How is Meridia polar from the Recalled Drugs?

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Incorporating Global Consideration for Local Instructional Practices :: Essays Papers

Incorporating Global Consideration for Local Instructional PracticesThe modern Womens studies classroom has been subjected to many changes stemming from discussions about proper and efficient discourse and method of instruction. Issues such as Socratic/discussion-led teaching or inclusion of different theories of feminist thought have made the Womens Studies course the achievement of pedagogical compromise. The sketch of Third-world and anti-racist feminists has contended for inclusion of issues that affect all women and has brought feminism to place based around more global issues. Now, while these debates have led to a complete, thorough and well-adjusted course, the applicative and non-theoretical aspects of the classroom need to be addressed in creating the ideal safe space classroom.Beyond any discussions about the specific course materials or required readings, every element of the classroom needs to be structured to create the environment that is conducive to respect and mut uality. Especially for those new to Womens Studies, a film has the potential to be read differently than the intended reading would be. Ella Shohat discusses the Algerian nationalist film La Battaglia de Algeria (The Battle of Algiers) as one use of an anti-colonialist film with feminist ideas that, in context, misses real elements of feminism (Shohat 1997). In the film, women are portrayed as being as strong and determined in overcoming the pattern of the harsh French colonialists as the men are. However, acting the same way in any other arena is frowned upon, as the visible strength of the women in the film is shown only insofar as they perform their sacrificial service for the nation (ibid). Also seen in this light is the film Wedding in Galilee, a Palestinian film in which the self-inflicted de-flowering of the bride allegorizes the failure of an impotent patriarchy to lead toward national liberation (ibid). These films represent the idea that women and men together must opp ose for the independence and freedom of a nation, but as soon as the nation is secured the equal sharing of society ends. Films with such a message go to only to create discussion and should be treated carefully when exposing students with little or no Womens Studies background to feminism. For those times when the classroom is more than the assembly for discussion and learning, the classroom becomes the locus for social interaction of students. The prospect of food and a party is a fun and relaxed way of relating to others usually when concluding a class or celebrating a holiday.

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CFO Scott Sullivan was in charge of corporate accounting at WorldCom. Reporting to Sullivan was Cynthia Cooper, Vice President of Internal Audit, and David Myers, Controller. Buford Yates, Jr., handler of General Accounting, reported to Myers. Reporting to Yates was Troy Normand, Betty Vinson and Mark Abide. The accounting fraud perpetuated at WorldCom by multiple executives centers around fraudulently reporting line approach expenses. The 2002 indictment, United States of America v. Scott D. Sullivan and Buford Yates Jr., appropriately summarizes the fraudulently reported line lives expensesFrom in or about October 2000 through or about June 2002, Scott D. Sullivan and Buford Yates, Jr., the defendants, and their co-conspirators, engaged in an illegal scheme to inflate artificially WorldComs publicly reported earnings by falsely and fraudulently reducing reported line cost expenses. To effect this illegal scheme . . . made entries in WorldComs general ledger, crediting line c osts and debiting, among other accounts, various reserve and capital accounts. AS Sullivan, Yates, and their co-conspirators knew, thither was no justification in fact, or under Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP), for theses entries. (United States of America V. Scott D. Sullivan and Buford Yates, Jr. 2002, 7)As a result, WorldCom was commensurate to raise cash flows and profits all over this time period. These accounting practices enabled WorldCom to disguise the firms actual nets losses because capital expenditures can be deducted over a longer period of time, whereas expenses must be subtracted from revenue immediately (Ferrell 1)Unethical Decision MakersScott Sullivan and Buford Yates were not the only executives or employe... ...uired if Emigh knew who had informed Sue doyen of the new policy. Again, being true to his character, Emigh was upfront and told Smith that he, in fact was the one who had gone to Sue Dean. The following day, Emigh was informed by his im mediate executive program that he had committed an infraction by not following orders and carrying out the new policy. A senior vice president had ordered that Emigh be officially reprimanded and punished (Reaves 6). Emigh knew it was going to be bad but explained to his wife that he had a responsibility to the share holders as well to himself. Ten weeks later, Kim Emigh was fired. In butt 2002, Cynthia Cooper was informed of the fact that $400 million had been moved from WorldComs reserve account resulting in a falsely stated income statement. Cooper went to the extraneous auditor, Arthur Anderson, who told her that it was not a problem.

Capturing the Friedmans Essay -- Film Movies

Capturing the FriedmansIn 2003, Andrew Jarecki released his documentary Capturing the Friedmans, which explores a seemingly normal middle-class families struggle when the overprotect and son are charged with sexual abuse and torment in 1987. The Friedmans from the outside seem like a healthy family, abiding in a fairly exclusive Great Neck, Long Island community the father Arnold is a Columbia Graduate and a school teacher, while the mother Elaine, a housewife. They have three sons David, Seth, and Jessie whom appear to be a happy, intelligent, and good-humored free radical of brothers. The power and prestige of this film comes not from its controversial and serious subject matter, but from the unbiased way in which the story is presented. Jarecki gives the audience an equal numerate of facts that could be used to argue both sides of the equation, which leaves one realizing that perhaps what really transpired isnt the point hes aiming for in this film. The audience is left not knowing whether or not Arnold and his son Jesse committed the crimes, but instead they are left realizing truth is irrelevant, because we will never really know exact details, clean the disintegration and tragic destruction of the Friedman Family. Regardless of the validity of the claims, there definitely seems to have been something unusual and tragic about the collapsing Friendman Family. The patriarchal/ matriarchal relationship was broken, Arnold and Elaine didnt seem very a lot in love anymore, and the boundaries between the parents and the children became less pyramid like and more horizont... because of the size of the children there would have been physical symptoms, no documented evidence of this split up was presented during the case. Out of 100 students no physical symptoms were ever recorded, and not one stud ent said anything about abuse until four years later when the police detective was pursued (Silvergate, 2004) No parents ever filed complaints prior to police investigation. Because memories are malleable and children are even more vulnerable to authority, it is very probable that some children just complied to the leading questions due to fear, but is it possible that they all could? The influence of the investigators parallels to the influence of therapists in cases of sexually abused childrens recovered memories.Works Cited1)Silverglate, Harvey A Takei, CarlMistrial- The Capturing The Friedmans DVD sheds parvenue light on the case. Newsday

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I, the Worst of All Essay -- Movie Film Essays

Women were denied knowledge of their history, and thus each woman had to argue as though no woman before her had ever thought or written. Women had to use their energy to reinvent the wheel, over and over again, generation after generation. ... thinking women of each generation had to waste their time, energy and talent on constructing their descent anew. Generation after generation, in the face of recurrent discontinuities, women thought their way around and out from under patriarchal thought. (Lerner qtd in Merrim Modern Women xxiii)Lerners words behave true for two women involved in the film I, the Worst of All. Both of them had to reinvent the wheel and show their male contemporaries that women can and will come on their way out from under the control of patriarchy. Juana Ines de la Cruz and Maria Luisa Bemberg are separated by three centuries of continuous strife for feminists to affirm feminine subjectiveness and feminine values. The struggle was/is doubly difficult beca use of what they have to face. At the time of making the film, Bemberg faced a mainstream cinema in which women were presented as a place of male ambition and as objects of possession, display, or currency (Bemberg in Pick 78). I, the Worst of All appeared in the 1990s, a time that we like to think is so different from the convent of 17th-centuryMexico. Bemberg shows us that it is not. Mainstream cinema never looks at women as beings with ideas, as she says in an interview, but as empty shells, foils for the male characters, so that they can act and think (Pick 78). She had to fight a whole tradition of male filmmaking with her movie, and (re)assert her own feminist values in a film that challenges all the stereotypical filmic representation... ...berg Tells the Untold. Americas 46 (Mar/Apr 1994) 20. Bergmann, Emilie. Abjection and Ambiguity Lesbian Desire in Bembergs Yo, la peor de todas. Hispanisms and Homosexualities. Ed. Sylvia Molloy and Robert McKee Irwin. Durham Duke UP , 1998. de la Cruz, Juana Ines. Hombres Necios. A Sor Juana Anthology. Ed.Alan S. Trueblood. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard UP, 1988. Merrim, Stephanie. Early Modern Writing and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Nashville Vanderbilt UP, 1999. Mulvey, Laura. visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. Erens 28-41. Pick, Zuzana M. An Interview with Maria Luisa Bemberg. Journal of Film and Video 44. 3-4 (Fall-Winter 1992-93) 76. Williams, Bruce. The Reflection of a Blind Gaze Maria Luisa Bemberg, Filmmaker. A Womans Gaze Latin American Women Artists. Ed. Marjorie Agosin. New York White Pine Press, 1998. 171-90.

I, the Worst of All Essay -- Movie Film Essays

Women were denied knowledge of their history, and thus each woman had to argue as though no woman before her had ever thought or written. Women had to purpose their energy to reinvent the wheel, over and over again, generation after generation. ... signifying women of each generation had to waste their time, energy and talent on constructing their argument anew. coevals after generation, in the face of recurrent discontinuities, women thought their course around and out from under patriarchal thought. (Lerner qtd in Merrim Modern Women xxiii)Lerners words hold authorized for two women involved in the film I, the Worst of All. Both of them had to reinvent the wheel and show their manful contemporaries that women can and will find their way out from under the control of patriarchy. Juana Ines de la Cruz and Maria Luisa Bemberg are separated by three centuries of continuous strife for feminists to affirm feminine subjectivity and feminine values. The struggle was/is doubly di fficult because of what they have to face. At the time of making the film, Bemberg faced a mainstream cinema in which women were presented as a function of male ambition and as objects of possession, display, or currency (Bemberg in Pick 78). I, the Worst of All appeared in the 1990s, a time that we like to think is so contrary from the convent of 17th-centuryMexico. Bemberg shows us that it is not. Mainstream cinema never looks at women as beings with ideas, as she says in an interview, but as empty shells, foils for the male characters, so that they can act and think (Pick 78). She had to fight a whole tradition of male filmmaking with her movie, and (re)assert her own feminist values in a film that challenges all the stereotypical filmic representation... ...berg Tells the Untold. Americas 46 (Mar/Apr 1994) 20. Bergmann, Emilie. degradation and Ambiguity Lesbian Desire in Bembergs Yo, la peor de todas. Hispanisms and Homosexualities. Ed. Sylvia Molloy and Robert McKee Irwi n. Durham Duke UP, 1998. de la Cruz, Juana Ines. Hombres Necios. A Sor Juana Anthology. Ed.Alan S. Trueblood. Cambridge, Mass. Harvard UP, 1988. Merrim, Stephanie. Early Modern Writing and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Nashville Vanderbilt UP, 1999. Mulvey, Laura. Visual joy and Narrative Cinema. Erens 28-41. Pick, Zuzana M. An Interview with Maria Luisa Bemberg. Journal of Film and Video 44. 3-4 (Fall-Winter 1992-93) 76. Williams, Bruce. The Reflection of a Blind Gaze Maria Luisa Bemberg, Filmmaker. A Womans Gaze Latin American Women Artists. Ed. Marjorie Agosin. New York White Pine Press, 1998. 171-90.

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Medieval Europe †Papal Reformation Essay

Since the Council of Nicaea called in the fourth century by Constantine to the early eleventh century, the Church was n forever established as a free standing cornerstone. For everyplace eight hundred years the Church had been under the authorisation of temporal powers. Charlemagne and the Carolingians emperors saw themselves as the ones to maintain the Church materially, organizationally, and spiritually, while the pontiff was only an modeling of i draw Christian living. Social deterioration led to the corruption of the Church and its offices simony macrocosm the biggest problem. The papacy itself was corrupted by simony and Roman politics. composition reform had been taking place in the local levels for some time, the papacy was the last part of the Church to be reformed. The papacy reformation came about done three major popes social lion IX (1049-1054), Nicholas II (1059-1061), and Gregory VII (1073-1085). The actions by these popes in the eleventh century would root ou t the corruption within the perform and cause interlocking between the secular authorities and the papacy resulting in the separation and establishing of the Church as a power on its own.After numerous corrupt popes, Leo IX is considered to be the pope that started the papacy reformation. Ironically, he was appointed pope by his cousin Emperor henry III. After being coroneted, Leo spent less than six months in Rome traveling through Italy, Germany, France, and as far as Hungary ( Blum, 485). According to Backman, Leo recognized devil things from the very start first, the papacy could not be properly reformed so long as it remained mired in Roman factional politics and second, the papacy needed to be seen by the faithful in order to secure the gains of the reform (Backman, 268). Leo was literally the first pope to be seen by closely Christians (Backman, 268), and he wanted to project an image of the papacy in action (Blum, 485). For a long time the title of pope was just a rebo ot without any meaning or power however, Leo would change that with his travels. Leos great accomplishments were abolishing simony, help break offing the practice of clerical marriage, and improving the clergies genteelness and education.Pope Leo IX, through his travels had plans of establishing his permit while in any case rooting out corruption still in local churches. Leo staged large Masses, pronounced Peace and Truce decrees, and offered all the faithful the opportunity to air grievances about their local church and ecclesiastical leaders (Backman, 269). Clergy that had obtained their position by vogue of simony were given the chance to retain their office only if the confessed their faults and swore publicly to dedicate themselves to the reformed Church.According to Backman these acts were performed in public for two reasons First, the people themselves got to go steady the confession of their clergy, and second, the pope got the pleasure of having the faithful see the priest, bishops, and archbishops kneeling before Leo, in other words, used the reform-celebration itself as a means for establishing papal authority over the episcopacy. Henceforth, everyone understood that the bishops served as the legitimate leaders of the Church because the Holy Father himself had publically bestowed their office upon them. The papacy now stood at the head of a new hierarchy and determined its legitimacy. 269The last major contributing act Leo had towards the reformation was the creation of the College of Cardinals. Leo saw that the Church was not intellectually able to deal with issue it was faced with. He created a body of advisors for the papacy that included theologians, lawyers, philosophers, historians, scientists, and diplomats. These handpicked advisors would lend expert council to the pope on settling and closure doctrinal issues never really solved by the Church. One of the issues they dealt with was celibacy for the clergy this would not be settled u ntil Pope Nicholas II. The papacy was now the decision fashioning center on doctrinal issues for the Church.Leo IX was a major turning point for the Church, but unfortunately he would not finish what he started. The next pope to further the papal reformation was Nicholas II. Pope Nicholas II built upon what Leo IX had already done. Nicholas and a council produced the Lateran synod of April 1059. The synod ended clerical marriage and established clergy celibacy. It also added to the strict prevention of simony. Also with the synod, Nicholas and the council made two major decisions that would shape the papacy up until today. The first of these decisions was to condemn the practice of move investiture. The ritual by which a lay prince invested a priest or bishop with the insignia of his office suggested that the ecclesiastical authority was subordinate to the secular (Backman, 270).The papacy now condemned this seeing as the reforming popes were trying to establish the Church as an entity on its own. The Church wanted to control everything about itself and completely cut off any secular ties trying to control it. The second major decision Nicholas and the council made was mad in the Papal Election Decree of 1059. This was to ensure no pope could ever be placed in power by a secular ruler but only elected by the College of Cardinals. Backman describes it as this for all infinity the only way for any individual to become the legitimate pontiff of the Holy Catholic Church was to be freely elected to the position by the College of Cardinals. This decree removed the Holy See from the clutched of the Roman magnates, but it also declared the papacys independence from the imperial power. 270These actions changed the states authority over the church that had been present since Constantine. When henry IV came to power in 1056, he did not like the actions taken by the Church and trying to wear from his authority. The tension between the papacy and secular powers came t o a high during the pontificate of Pope Gregory VII. Now Gregory VII had begun his career in Rome during the pontificate of Leo IX as Leos secretary of state and author of his important papers (Blum, 485). So Gregory had been around since the beginning of the papal reformation. His actions and policies would lead to the biggest conflict between the Church and State during this reformation.After dealing with carious rebellions, enthalpy IVs resent meant lead him to prepare to attack Rome and deal with the papacys action. Henry wanted to show that he had advantage and was the ruler of both Church and State. Before Henry could attack, Gregory responded with a declaration called the Dictatus Papae. This was a list of twenty-seven single sentence decrees about papal power. Gaudemet defines them as, lapidary and unrestrained terms the universal power of the pope his authority over bishops, clerics and councils, and his even up to depose the emperor, to certify every canonical text, to m ake law and to deliver judgment from which there is no appeal (Gaudemet, 470). Gregory was trying to establish that he alone, as the pope, had complete supremacy over both Church and the emperor. Henry took these Dictates as a direct attack on his royal rights and power. This led to both Gregory and Henry writing letters back and forth to each other with increasing tensions with each letter. These letters led to both of them excommunicating and deposing the other from office at the end of 1076.The excommunicating of each other would lead to a major event in establishing supremacy to the pope. Gregory, being the pope, was still head of the Church, and Henry found himself still excommunicated. Henry and his advisor devised a plan to get him forgiven and restored into the Church. Being the pope meant that Gregory was a priest, and he would have to forgive a penitent sinner. Gregory was caught off guard at his castle in Canossa, Italy by Henrys arrival and asking of forgiveness.This had made Gregory furious, but he had to forgive him. Gregory used this to his advantage, showing that he had supremacy over the emperor. Gregory made Henry stand outside his window barefoot wearing penitential rags for three days begging for forgiveness and pleading for restoration. firearm this move by Henry helped him with his enemies and restored him back into the Church, this move also hurt him. This move now shifted the supremacy towards the pope. The emperor was now seen as submissive to the pope and had to do what the pope said.While more conflicts happened between Gregory VII and Henry IV, the investiture struggle would not end with them. It was officially ended in 1122 with Henry IVs son, Henry the V, and Pope Calixtus II (1119-1124) with the Concordat of Worms. This allowed ecclesiastical appointment to be made by the Church alone but also allowed secular rulers to participate with the lands and appurtenances supplementary to the positions. The issue of papal supremacy over imperial supremacy was circumvented, only to erupt again in centuries later.While urban II (1088-1099) was able to finalize the reform of the Church during his pontificate, it wasnt really until the end of the twelfth century that the Church reform came to a conclusion. Gregory VII and the popes adjacent openly proclaimed the Churchs supremacy and sovereignty over the secular world. They had not only made the Church a standing institution on its own, but they had reversed the historical roles of the Church and State. Since the time of Gregory VII, the papacy had become a massive bureaucracy. The Church now had an ostentatious financial machinery, legal system, bureaucratic structure, police network, and standing army. The Church was now its own free standing institution and would eventually become its own sovereign city-state.

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Farewell to Arms by Hemingway

Roxane Noffra Mr. Livingston 06/11/2012 Task 2 In uk/farewell-to-manzanar-2/Farewell to arms, written by Hemingway, we flush toilet appreciate how the (Henry) protagonist grew due to his relationship with Catherine and his experiences in war. His growth represents a genre convention a typical development in the roughages, overall in the protagonists. At the beginning of this book, Henry is characterized as being a soten, cleaning womanizer fascinated with the nightlife in fact, when he knew Catherine, he considered her just as a nonher adventure, as the women he used to meet in the brothel.In chapter 3, its easy to noticed how Henry indulged the temptation preferring to drink and having fun with girls, just for pleasure, withtaboo getting involved in a serious relationship . . . and the strange excitement of waking and no knowing who it was with you . . . (pag. 13). Through his best friend Rinaldi, Henry met Catherine, the woman that will ascertain his changed.She was a mature woman, a woman that had a fiancee who died in a battle before they could get married In fact, she had a diametrical perspective of war from Henrys point of view, she was more(prenominal) realistic about it instead Henry was not make up interesting in the war, he did not really know why he joined the war effort. However, as his experiences in war intensify, he became deeply pessimistic about the war. However, he realizes that his love for Catherine is the only thing he is willing to commit himself to, considering her as his religion.One of the relevant developments of Henry character is how his point of view toward war changed. On chapter 5 the difference between Catherine and Henrys point of view is highlighted through their conversation in which Catherine looks more mature and realistic . . . Lets bewilder the war. Henry said, Catherine answered, Its very hard. Theres not place to drop it but on chapter 9 when Henry had more experience and is in love with Catherine his point of view changed, when he responded to Passini that omething worse than war is defeat (pg. 50). In point of fact, Henry became pessimist toward war. Some of his arguments were that he had not seen or appreciated any kind of glory or sacred (pg. 185), something that they were supposed to feel and go through in war. This conversation with the Italian soldier Gino, stand out how he was growing through his experiences. He claimed that the people sacrificed themselves for nothing there were not results in war just more number of deaths.Previously, Henry did not consider his relationship with Catherine a serious one. However when he was wounded, learned to value life and to prepare him to enter into a love relationship with Catherine. His archetypal step to realize, that his feelings toward Catherine were different can be read in the next passage I had treated seeing Catherine very lightly, I had gotten somewhat drunk and had nearly forgotten to come but when I could not see her there I was feeling lonely and hollow. (pg. 41).Here Henry is realizing that with her he was changing his expressive style of treat women and that being away from her affected him. First of all, she was the first person whom gave him a reason of being scared of, since had something to lose there is a cite on page 137 said by Catherine before she confessed his pregnancy Life isnt hard to imagine when youve nothing to lose. Here she means that until that point they did not have any to loose but now they were going to have a baby an objective in life.But for Henry the thing that he had more fear of losing was Catherine, as we can read in the last chapter . . . you took the baby but fathert le her die. That was all right but dont let her die. Please, please, dear God . . . (pg. 330) also we can see how the character desperately pleaded with God to save his love, something that never occurred in the novel before. On contrary, Henry never showed any kind of belief in God. In fact, his relat ion-ship with Catherine had been the main reason of his development.Being in company with a brave and mature woman taught him those characteristics. His growth is very clear from a guy that did never feel in love, whom loved to drink and have fun, became a responsible and mature guy, something that even his closest friend noticed. Through his experiences, he understood that one must be engaged in life and be responsible. In fact, the development of this character represents a genre convention the author used the relationship between Henry and Catherine to highlight Henrys growing.

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Black & Economic Structure

1) Malcolm X spent much of his life sentence fighting for equal rights for African Americans. Like others, Malcolm suffered from discrimination, economic suppression, and violent acts at the hands of the egg whites. barricade-to-end his life, he could not escape the atmosphere of racial prejudices, as it existed everywhere from his welfargon agencies to school and his family relationships. Although some form of equality exists today, earthy African Americans males are still ceaselessly seek to establish themselves in baseball club.As a young boy Malcolm participated in activities where he experienced little freedom. Malcolm was ranked bend nonpareil(a) in his class and elected class president, which shows that the school system allowed him to succeed to an extent. Malcolm had a dream of becoming a lawyer, but his English instructor quickly rejected his dream and told him he should become a carpenter, which demonstrated that whites were willing to allow fatal success onl y to a certain degree.Malcolm in the end came to an understanding that white society allowed progression when doing so did not threaten the established order of white society. Th clownishout his life Malcolm was seen as a pet, mascot, and ping poodle, which excluded him from society. He was a disastrous student in a predominantly white school who was worry a poodle in a family. He was seen as a submissive creature that represented no real threat to anyone. He was portrayed as white societys manikin for how obtuses should act, but white society didnt see him as a human being in his own right.Malcolm realized that no level of attainment or esteem would break belt down the essential barrier to his acceptance and success in society. White oppression stripped him of the power and independence a normal man would experience. Although Malcolm experienced great amounts of discrimination, he was still able to succeed and become Minister Malcolm X and lead many civil rights events. In society today, the prototypical black male experience in America is extremely comparable to the life of Malcolm X.Most black men are looked down on because of the various stereotypes that exist in our society today. Many turn over that if black men arent athletes or rappers, or if they arent washing dishes or waiting tables, they give way no purpose in society other than being seen as inferior. Each and every day a black man experiences discrimination, but the black men who have goals and aspirations will be the ones who will make a difference like Malcolm X did. Malcolm lived through a rough time, but he still managed to make it as can every other black man in the world. ) Like Malcolm X, Washington too envied the lives of white dues to the simple fact that there was absolutely no limit placed on his or her dreams and aspirations. During his years of adolescence, Washington was very aware of what it meant to be a black man in a white society. With this knowledge, Washington was v ery optimistic and assured himself that whatever dreams or goals he would accomplish would be the force of hard work and persistence. Washington wrote, I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.Out of the hard and unusual struggle through which he is compelled to pass, he gets a strength, a confidence, that one misses whose pathway is comparatively smooth by reason of birth and washables. (Washington, 1901, p 39). Washington look atd that if blacks strove to be impressive and distinctive they would be accepted in society. He believed that being black or any race other than the majority was an advantage because there was a better pretend of achievement due to the fact that one would constantly try to overcome any obstacles.He believed that through proof, blacks would be connected with the white society. Alongside assisting African Americans in attaining economic success, Washington also had accomplishments in the field of education, in becoming the first black educator at the Tuskegee Institute. Washington was very implicated about forming connections within both the black and white communities, and achieved his goal. I believe his argument is still valid for those who actually want to make something of themselves in life and are willing to go above and beyond in doing so.Unfortunately black males are not always hardworking and persistent in trying to accomplish a goal. They tend to take the easy way out, and in doing so end up with the mediocre jobs unless they are playing professional sports or apart of an entertainment industry. Like Washington said success comes with overcoming obstacles, and I do not think blacks are willing to overcome the many obstacles they would have to face in order to become established. With the many stereotypes of black men, I do not think success would be as easy for the black man because they are al ready looked down upon from the beginning. ) In recent years, terms such as crisis, at-risk, insignificant, and endangered have been used with increasing regularity to eviscerate the troubles and conditions of black males. The grounds for using such harsh descriptions of conditions that black males face is provided by a broad range of social and economic indicators, all of which specify to the undeniable fact that large numbers of individuals who fall within these two social categories, black and male, are in deep trouble.Many perceive black men as being violent and aggressive law breakers regardless of their true nature. It doesnt stop there. rough stereotypes of Blacks include being arrogant, athletic, devious, dirty, dishonest, drug addicts, incompetent, inferior, lazy, unintelligent, noisy, passive, poor, primitive, untrustworthy, and violent, and having rhythm. Some black men have some of the same goals and aspirations as the white man, but they too have a deep fear of reje ction due to the discrimination they continue to experience in their daily lives.When the black man continuously gets rejected he is eventually going to subject himself to activities just to make ends meet, or he is going to start to believe the stereotypes set out for him. When you have a large group of black men in a society that rejects them, they are going to feel like they have no chance at success, and therefore they will feel like they have zipper to lose. With nothing to look forward to, they are going to unconsciously want to destroy their surroundings. Throughout Malcolms he was seen as inferior, and eventually began to feel more like a mascot or pet than a human being equal to those around him.Malcolm had dreams of becoming a lawyer, but his teacher instead told him he should be a carpenter. One of his Malcolms teachers laughs at him and tells the class that though the slaves have been freed, black people are still lazy and dumb. When an adult says something like that t o a child, the child is more than likely going to believe the teacher and begin to think of him or herself as being lazy and dumb. If a child begins to believe this negative stereotype, their performance in school could be effected, and cause them to drop out.If they drop out they may begin to deal drugs or commit robberies and end up in jail. Dealing drugs or being incarcerated is the perception whites have for blacks today. Media also has a negative effect on portrayal when it comes to representing an entire race of people. No two people are exactly alike no matter what race they come from so there is no way one film can represent all peoples. Unfortunately, many people believe that a certain depiction of black people characterizes all black people, which is sure as shooting not the case.This is very dangerous because this perpetuates stereotyping and discrimination. Any form of media, whether it be a film, TV show, etc. , black males tend to play the role of the poor black man w ho lives in poverty and ordinarily belongs to a gang. He usually has no goals, and has a mediocre job if he has one at all. They usually dress in baggy jeans with long shirts or hoodies and wear timberlands or sneakers. In media, blacks arent usually portrayed positively, and even if they were, many wouldnt believe that is how blacks really live their lives.For example, In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Banks family is very well off, but many wouldnt believe that all blacks are well off because 95% of the time blacks are being potrayed as being a threat to society. 4) LaLees Kin The Legacy of Cotton shows the disadvantaged life of residents living in the multiple sclerosis Delta. The documentary shows how living in poverty and the lack of education still effects the lives of many living in Mississippi even though thralldom has been over now for hundreds of years.The main character, Laura Lee (LaLee) Wallace, was an illiterate 62-year-old woman who had been living all her life in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. She had one surviving son, nine daughters, 38 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. On a daily basis she encountered many difficulties from raising her grandchildren to receiving news about her son continuously being put in jail. LaLee received $494 from her constipation benefits and sold home cooked meals to workers at the cotton factory to make more money to keep the children clothed and fed.In the movie LaLee said, I cry sometime, I pray sometime, I sing sometime. LaLee and her grandchildren struggled each day in trying to take care of each other. The images of barefoot children playing on abandoned cars exterior dilapidated motor homes, and of families who get water for drinking and washing by filling plastic jugs from a hose were unbelievable because it took you back to the times of thraldom when slaves really had to wash themselves with dirty water or walk around barefoot.One of LaLees grandchildren, nicknamed Granny was a very attent ive and intelligent in school, but her grades began to fall due to the fact that she had household chores and had to care for her younger cousins or siblings which left little time for education. Paralleling LaLees struggle was Reggie Barnes, the superintendent of the West Tallahatchie schools, who continuously struggled in trying to raise school standards, bring in qualified teachers and obtain school supplies.If Barnes failed to raise the school from its current Level 1 spot to a Level 2, the state of Mississippi has threatened to take over. Barnes and his faculty opposed this because they knew the state would not address the special needs of the children. With the illiteracy of the parents of the families of the children the children approximately likely will never be able to get a great education which will leave them illiterate when they get older. In LaLees family the cycle of living in poverty and lacking education is evident, which makes it seem like slavery still exists t o this day.

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High School and Dance Essay

Ever since I was little on the unanimous I hobo teleph one is how I always wanted to be a dancer. And when I was in second grade my dream came true and my mom put me in Just For Kix. And my love for the sport has grown stronger ever since. I deplete always loved the quote dance desire no one is watching because when you dance you do not see the audience or the settle all you see is your teammates and all you hear is the unison. dance is some function I love and always will, it is something that has and will be part of my life. Dance is my passion.When I went to my first daylight of dance apply I knew I had found the sport I was meant to be in. My coach made practice enjoyable and I always looked anterior to going. In second grade I remember learning all the fundamentals of dance and how I would practice for hours on end at home. Dance is somewhat flowing from one movement to the next. In the beginning of dance you besides learn how important it is to bring forth a poi nted to because flexed feet are very ugly, you in addition learn that you countenance to be very sharp with you movements so people can tell what you are doing.Some other fundamentals we melted on where persuasiveness you have a straight back it just looks dampen and we learned on moves worry turns and kicks. I learned how to just lose myself in the music and just let my body take over. In dance you do not have to think as much as you have to just go with the flow of the music. The to a greater extent you let yourself just go with the music the better you will look out on the dance root word and the more you will dance as a team instead of individually. JFK just taught me that dance is a place you can be yourself and not worry about school or any other drama.And I made friends that became some of my closest friends throughout elementary school and high school. Then after JFK came shopping center school dance team. I remember that the first day of practice scared me. We were doing things I never had even heard of before and the coaches were amazing dancers themselves and the in reality intimidated me. But the one thing I could rely on was that I loved dance and I knew that I was learning something new either day that would just make me a better dancer in the end. We would practice two hours a day, five days a calendar week and I never realized how much they were preparing me for the varsity dance team.They taught us skills we would need to try out for the varsity squad. Things like Russians where you jump and do the splits in the pushover or an eclipso where you turn twice and thus kick one leg out around you like a fan and thusly the other follows tail end bent at the knee behind your body. But dance once again was my favorite part of everyday all my best friends were there. And I remember how excited we were when we were all in the front row together. We made practice fun and hung out on the weekends to practice and to just have a redeeming(p renominal) metre.I remember the first time we performed a routine at a high school basketball game. At that time it was the best thing that I had ever experienced. But after middle school dance was over then came trying out for the Moorhead Highlights dance team. Try outs were a week long and were most(prenominal) contumaciously the most nerve wracking experience of my dance career. I mean the captains of the team were teaching us a routine that was the most difficult routine I had ever danced in my life. Finally came Friday, the day we found out if we had made the team or not.But the positive is that all of us got to try out together. I messes up, further I can assert that it was fun and I had a smile on my face the whole time. And in dance having a smile on your face the whole time is one of the most important things you can do because it makes it look like your enjoying what youre doing. And the good thing was all five us made the team one of my friends was so excited she cri ed. I would have to say that qualification the team was one of the highlights to my high school career. The highlights became my second family after being with everyone for four years.The Moorhead highlights were my life during high school. I could go to school and have the bruise day but when I went to practice I know I would have a good practice. Everyone says dance is not a sport but I can guarantee you would think dance was a sport after spending a day with us and seeing everything we have to go through in order to be ready for competition on the weekends. And besides just being athletic in dance you have to have a great since of beat so you do your moves on the correct counts and an excellent memory to learn all of our routines in a week.Dance is defiantly harder then what it looks like. I can say we all dreaded practice but at the same time we absolutely loved it. We would start practice of by running two miles, doing a stair work out or running jog sprints. Then we would st retch which was a great time for team bonding. Stretching is an important part of dance. Stretching fosters you kick high and leap gracefully and properly and it is also important because it keeps you from getting injured like pulling a muscle. Then was everyones most dreaded part of practice. Center floor kicks an across the floor kicks.We would kick constantly for thirty proceedings some days. It may not seem that hard bet let me tell you it is very difficult to continually kick as high as you can with a perfectly pointed toe and a straight back and sometimes having a coach yelling in your ear to do it better or faster. After all the hard stuff came the best part of practice. Practicing our competitive routines. I mean some days our coaches would threaten us and say that we looked so bad that they did not even want to put us out on the floor but that only made us work harder to prove them wrong.We would run them over and over until we were sick of them. But it was my favorite pa rt because I knew it was getting us ready for competition on the weekends. And then after everything we go through together we be germ one big messed up but happy family that I couldnt help but love. We laughed together and we cried together. The competition floor. We walk out of our room and into the shoot. We get in a circle put our left foot in the center and our coaches give us a speech that get us ready to dance our hearts out then it is our captains turn to give their speeches.Then we hold dear, we cheer to get our adrenaline pumping and just get our blood pumping. Then you hear the crowd cheering for the team that was performing before you and we line up in our first formation and all of a sudden you just get a rush of butterflies. And then the announcer says on deck is the Moorhead Highlights. We walk out onto the floor straight backs and our arms clean at our sides. We get to the center of the floor line up and someone says 5, 6, 7, 8 and you know to prepare for the music to start.And then comes the time to show what you have been working so hard on. The music starts and all of a sudden you lose yourself in the music all you can see is your teammates and their smiles. You just have fun together and move as one to create an art form for the audience to see. You keep a long smile on your face and its not a fake one because you are having the best time of your life. And when the hard parts of the routine come our coaches would stand up and scream for us to do it right and if we did our one coach would start crying and we know we did our job perfect.And when the music stops you cannot help but smile because you know you did what you had leave it all on the floor for everyone to say. I would have to say there is no feeling like the one of dancing on the competition floor. Dance is an art form and a sport all in one. You have to have passion to do what you have to do, you have to be dedicated to your team in order to dance like a school of fish. Dance was the high light of my younger years. It was always something to look forward to no matter what was going on in my life. My dance family was always there for me. I would relive those years just for dance.

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Examine the Key Ideas of Situation Ethics

Examine the Key Ideas of note good philosophy (21 Marks) In this essay, I am going to examine the key features of Situation moral philosophy. Situation Ethics is a teleological theory that resolves ethical and moral issues sex act to the situation and was developed at a time when society and the perform were facing drastic and permanent change. It is most commonly associated with Joseph Fletcher and J. A. T Robinson and also William Barclay.Situation Ethics is also considered to be the method of ethical decision making that states that you mustiness consider noble know (agape) in decision making and that a moral decision is correct if it is the most loving thing to do. The theory is ground upon this idea of agape chouse which is defined by William Barclay as unconquerable dangerous will. Situation Ethics developed during the 1960s and the post warf be generation was a great influence on this. Between the end of the Second World War and the end of the 1960s, Western Europe and North the States were soci entirelyy, culturally and morally transformed.Up until the 1960s, many hoi polloi still followed the old fashioned approach of Divine Command Ethics where by people obeyed the Bible and the teachings presented in them. People believed that by following the teachings of paragon as directly revealed by Him through scripture and the Church, they were doing good. However, by the 1960s all this changed. This quote was produced in 1966 great independence much moneythe weakening of family bonds and religious influences the development of earlier maturity, physically, emotionally and mentally the impact of modern books, television and periodicals. Sex and Morality, SCM,). This study diabolical many things on the fact that many people were turning away from the Churchs rules during the 1960s and more towards abandoning rules. The world was becoming more blase and people had stopped listening to the Church and their teachings on what was ethically honest. During the 1960s, society and the Church were facing drastic and permanent change. By 1966, women occupied an increasingly adult place in the work force and there was a universal shock of the foundation of the contraceptive pill. This allowed young women to have sex whenever and with whoever they pleased.The sacred bonds of trade union started to break as more people saw this as a chance to have sex with unwrap having to be in a secure jointure or even a relationship. This sexual revolution of non-marital sex ca utilize the levels of promiscuity to rise drastically as paternalism, authority, fair play and government were ditched. Other moral perspectives that changed the latter(prenominal) half of the 20th Century included fashion, music, politics and the view of religion. The drastic cultural and social changes during the 1960s caused a conflicting reaction by the Church.The British Council of Churches ordered a Working Party on Sex, Marriage and the Family to suggest how a de livererian position on sex and conglutination can be communicated to the community. As a result, in 1964, the British Council of Churches, on the advice of its advisory group on Sex, Marriage and the Family, appointed a Working Party that set out to Prepare a Statement of the Christian case for abstinence from sexual intercourse before marriage and faithfulness within marriageand to suggest delegacy whereby the Christian position may be effectively presented to the various sections of the Community (Sex and Morality, SCM, 1966).J. A. T Robinson was a New Testament scholar, author and former Anglican Bishop of Woolwich, England. In 1963, he published his highly controversial book Honest to God which changed peoples perspective of God. As a result of this publication, it caused the Church to be thrown into disagreement. This in turn caused the traditional church to be shaken at its very roots. Robinson challenged the idea of the traditional and conservative view of God. He utter th at Situation Ethics was for Man come of age. In other words, it was for people who were moving away from having to be told what to do by God.As a result, it was right in the middle of Antinomianism and Legalism (which I will discuss later). Robinson and Paul Tillich suggested that God could be understood as the ground of our being, of ultimate significance, but not a dues ex machine, a supernatural being who intervenes in the world from outside it. In other words God is part of people not this almighty being who gives instructions for us to follow. Fletcher (who I will discuss later) used examples from the Bible to show that a strict application of rules was no longer needed and was in line with whatJesus thought too. Fletcher used quotes from the Bible as an illustration of old versus new piety. He used the example of the extramarital woman when Jesus saved her from being stoned to death even though the law permitted it. This situation is a clear example of Personalism which Flet cher used to expound his theory. Another example that Fletcher identified from the Bible was when Jesus confronted the Pharisees over what the Sabbath Day was intended for. In order to follow strict Jewish law abruptly nothing could be done on this day, often to the detriment of people.Jesus wanted people to follow the spirit in which God had given the law quite than following it and acting immorally in some cases. Whilst Fletcher described agape love as the only intrinsically good thing, William Barclay defined agape love as unconquerable good will it is the determination to seek the other mans highest good, no matter what he does to younothing but good will. It has been defined as purpose, not passion. It is an attitude to the other person. This kind of love is highly demanding or as Barclay suggested, a highly intelligent thing. Situation Ethics can be applied more to the issue of divorce than the application of oral judgement that divorce is always wrong. Robinson questioned the conservative view of marriage that it is a supernatural unbreakable bond. This idea of marriage for Robinson was too out dated. He believed that it was time for humans to enter into their maturity and seek liberty from such supranaturalist thinking and while allowing the past experience to taper them, be ready to leave behind the restrictions of the old moral law if love was best served by doing so.Joseph Fletcher was an American professor who founded the theory of Situation Ethics in the 1960s. He state that we need to educate people to the idea that the quality of life is more all important(p) than the length of life. Fletchers Situation Ethics was based on the New Testament teaching of agape. His work reflected the social change of the 1960s and centred some the principle of Love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 2237). Fletcher maintained that there were three different ways of making moral decisions. These three approaches to morality were Legalism, Antinomianism a nd Situationism.He declared that Legalism was a conservative, rule-based morality focused on unalterable laws. Antinomianism was defined as the polar opposite to Legalism the lawless or unprincipled approach. He also stated that Situationism was a midway between the two other positions and that the Situationalist is prepared to set aside rules if love seems better served by doing so. According to Fletcher, The situationist follows a moral law or violates it consort to the need. Fletcher also rejects Legalism because it cannot accommodate exceptions to the rule.In addition to this, he also rejects Antinomianism for the reason that it provides no foundation with which to evaluate ones morality and offers no justification as to why people should live in any other way than they want to. Fletcher proposed a key principle with which to guide moral decision-making rather than rules. This primary principle is that of acting in the most loving way. A fitting quote that is included in the B ible is that Christ Jesusabolished the law with its commandments and legal claims (Ephesians 213-15). Fletcher proposed that we should follow the way Jesus taught us to, with unselfish love or agape.Jesus declared that we should love the Lord God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbour as yourself (Luke 1027). Fletcher also proposed four presuppositions of Situation Ethics which are the criteria by which this theory is determined and acted upon. They are Pragmatism, Relativism, Positivism and Personalism. The first presupposition is Pragmatism which demands that a proposed course of action should work and that its success or failure should be judged according to the principle.This is practical and works because Legalism and Antinomianism do not. The second presupposition is Relativism which rejects such absolutes such as never, always, perfect and complete. The principle of love is applied relative to each sit uation so that an appropriate response is made. Situationism is not the same as Antinomianism because the ultimate criterion is agapeic love. Love is the constant in all situations, unlike laws which work for some things but not others. The third presupposition is Positivism which get laids that love is the most important criterion of all.Situation Ethics recognises that love is the most important thing when making a moral choice and echoes the sentiments of the Bible. Therefore, the decision to act in a loving way is a choice we make forwards based on the notion that other ways do not work, not because we have proved Situationism works prior to the event. The fourth presupposition is Personalism which demands that people should be put first. Fletcher emphasised the fact that ethics deals with human relations and should therefore put people at the centre.Fletcher also believed that Legalism fails to appreciate that people exist in a social context and that any decision must be bene ficial to the wider community rather than just the individual. Where Legalism fails to recognise the complexity of ethical decision-making, Antinomianism fails to recognise the responsibility ethical decision-making has to the wider community. In addition to the four presuppositions, Fletcher also detailed in explaining how agape should be understood and how it applied to the theory of Situation Ethics by using the six operative principles.The first operative(a) principle is the idea that love is always good. This states that there is no action or moral rule that is good in itself. An action is good only in so far as it brings about agape. Love is intrinsically valuable, it has inherent worth. nil else has intrinsic value. The second working principle is that love is the only norm or rule and therefore, love replaces the law. The law should only be obeyed in the interests of love and not for the laws sake. Fletcher rejected Natural Law. He said there are no natural universal law s held by all men all over at all times.Jesus summarised the entire Jewish law by saying love God and love your neighbour. In the third working principle, Fletcher stated how love and justice are the same. This idea was unique to Fletcher, who claimed that justice is the giving to every person what is their due, and that as the one thing due to everyone is love, past love and justice are the same. Therefore, there can be no love without justice and as a result cannot be parted. For the fourth working principle, Fletcher outlined the idea that love is not liking and that love is discerning and critical, not sentimental.As agape was not an emotion, it did not need to include liking. The fifth working principle includes the statement that love justifies the means. Situation Ethics is a teleological theory that identifies the end outcome of an action as the means of assessing its moral worth. Therefore, as a result, it implies that anything might be done if it brings about the most lo ving action. Lastly, the sixth working principle of, love decides there and then describes how there are no rules about what should or shouldnt be done, in each situation you decide there and then what the most loving thing to do is.Fletcher developed his theory by drawing on a wide range of cases that could not be resolved by applying fixed rules and principles. He used examples including the burning house and time to only save one person, your father or a doctor with the formulae for a cure for a killer infirmity in his head alone. Fletcher also drew on situations that he had experienced firsthand, but most of all he would act situationally to help people.

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Ancient Greek Theatre Essay

In this essay Im going to be writing about Ancient Hellenic playing field the origins of it and how effects the modern piece Theatre. The question Im going to answer in this essay is how did Grecian Theatre represent Greek stopping point? Im going to use a variety of sources in this essay to provide historic information about Ancient Greek Theatre. Im also going to look into the elaborations practices of citizenship, philosophies, gender, faiths, or origin myths. To begin with Im going to start with the origins of how champaign started. horse opera Theatre was born in Ancient Greece in between 600 and 200 BC. Ancient Greek Theatre was a mixture of myths, philosophies, social commentary, dance, music and etcetera But it begins as a religious ceremony. The Ancient Athenians created a theatre culture whose form, technique and terminology have lasted two millennia, and they created plays that are still considered among the superlative works of world drama. Athenians plays foc a pply on the God Dionysus, which was a God of many things including fertility, agriculture, and sexuality. Athenians plays were legendary and were known to be the greatest works of world drama.The Athenians created the world of tragedys in plays which is a common concept in plays in the modern day world. Tragedy derived from the word tragos which meant goat and ode which means songs it was meant to con religious lessons. Tragedies were viewed as ritual purifications. It dictated how people should behave and it also inquired free thought, in Athens it brought radical ideas of democracy, philosophy, mathematics and arts. It boasted philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Epicurus, and Democritus. The traditional tragedy in Aeschylus time (circa 475 BC) consisted of the following parts the prologue which described the situation and the set, and then there was parados an ode song that the utter would sing when they made their entrance. then there were the quintuple dramatic sc enes and lastly the exodus which is the climax and the conclusion.Around 484 BC there was a new playwright named Aeschylus which turned the dithyramb into drama. Aeschylus most prevalent work was The Oresteia. Aeschylus makes a point that has been used by Historians, Dramatists, Psychologists and Crime Writers that the root of evil and suffering is usually human arrogance. In 468 BC Aeschylus was defeated and then there ambition was Sophocles. Sophocles contributed the addition of a third actor and an emphasis on drama between humans rather than between humans and gods. Sophocles plays are about the imbecility of arrogance and the wisdom of accepting fate. Sophocles believed in the Greek gods, but his plays are covered with existential insights that have been pronounced many times since. Euripides was popularity surpassed Sophocles and Aeschylus.His plays were about substantial people he placed peasants alongside princes and gave their emotions equal weight. Tragedys wasnt the on ly theatre in Athens there was also drollery. Greek Comedys had two periods which was Old Comedy and New Comedy. In the comedies they used three actors a chorus who sang, danced and sometimes participated in the dialogue. The New Comedy was more aimed at the common people than the religious lessons. Menander was the creator of most of the popular comedy playwrights in that era. His characters wore classic models and the style he used created in emphasis on mistaken identity, romance and situational humor became the model for succeeding comedy, from the Romans to Shakespeare to Broadway. There were rules that they had to follow in theatre which was called the three unities. The three unities were time, place and action. The hotshot of time limits the duration of an action roughly, of a single day.The unit of place makes sure all actions were located in one place. The unit of subject represents every(prenominal) aspect of a play and how it relates to one topic. One must remember th at Aristotle was providing these ground rules during the fourth century B.C.E. At the time, plays were performed outdoors and the use of multiple settings would be expensive and complicated to produce. The audience would likely get confused in the process of changing sets and props. Greek theatre had a major impact on the modern world because tragedies are used in most of the plays in the modern world. For example, The Death of a Salesmans is a tragedy because the dad ends up dying at the end of the play. Tragedys gives modern day plays their edge they are called dramas in the modern world. The definition of a Drama is A prose or verse composition, especially one telling a serious story, that is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action.This describes what the Greeks believed tragedys was. Then they helped the modern theatre world evolve into a greater aspect of life. The Greeks had men playing all the roles in the play s and had chorus was used to tell the stories and verify a since of ceremony and ritual. It established the mood though rhythmic chanting and dancing. It connected the artist by making responses and asking questions. In modern theatre we used dancing and chanting and chorus for our musical plays and for the regular plays we use music to connect the audience with the mood of the play. Also instead of a chorus to narrate the play we just use a regular person to narrate the play.The answer to the question how did Greek Theatre represent Greek culture? Is Greek Theatre showed how the Athens was very religious and they used the tragedies of theatre to tell people how to ask and also give people a voice. Greek Theatre playwrights represented how the society behaved in that era. They used religious traditions as a main part of the plays which slowly disappeared later on the era and culture transformed into playwrights that dealt with common people instead of Gods and how you should worshi p them. Greek theatre was greatly influential in the modern world and the plays are still used today.Bibliography1. Ceehorn, Ashley. What Are the Three Unities in Greek Theater? Read more What Are the Three Unities in Greek Theater? http// N.p. eHow Contributor, 2011. 2. Http// 2004.3. Girard, Phyllis M. Greek Theatre A Reflection of Ancient Greek Society (A Program Alternative for High School Gifted Students). Programs for Gifted Students. N.p. Guides Classroom Teacher, 1978. 4. Phillips, K. Ancient Greek Theatre. 2000.

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Live Together before Marriage Essay

Up to 78% of teens nowadays are in relationships. They find out that their relationships moolah with fri ceaseship and further proceed to romance and later lead to sexual intercourse. All of these experiences relate closely to the time they spend living unitedly. Although many depend that living together in advance marriage benefit both parties, I strongly believe that it is unacceptable for young battalion to live together before marriage due to several reasons.Some people may think that if couples live together, their common interests can be shared. They maintain this kind of thinking because people around them shake up proven this mindset to be true. However, this does not mean that the same case can be applied to every couple. Most of the teens in this modern age want to have freedom in doing everything love and relationships are not excluded too. Teens feel that either their boyfriend or girlfriend should be to have own privacy. There is always something that either party intends to hide from another, such as family problems etc. By living together, personal secrets might be exposed to his/her lover. Besides, he/she can concentrate doing own things. Without much distraction around, one can be more focused on performing tasks that cede good returns. On the other hand, ones social life is not restricted. For instance, a girlfriend seems reluctant to talk to males around her, as she cares around the feeling of her lover. As a result, this debars her from learning valuable experience of adjusting to others.There are many things to be said in favor of teens living together before marriage, the most obvious being that is it undoubtedly gains more understanding between couple. Without the benefits that cohabitation brings, the world would have higher rate of divorce. The aforementioned statement, although literally true, is heretofore misleading. Couples who live together may have greater chances to discover their partners weaknesses. Since they are li ving in a same room, each of their negative behavior and manner are highly visible by another partner. Consequently, they will be sick of one another one of these days. Because of misunderstanding and credulity between couple, there may be more arguments and conflicts. Furthermore, relationship with partners may get worse under certaincircumstances. When no one is willing to feature in on things which they argue for, this may be considered as a critical situation for both parties.Another argument that put forward by opponents is that relationship of couples who live together lasts longer. As far as relationship is concerned, cohabitation is often beneficial. While it is true to say that the sweet memories they build together result in a more firm relationship, these memories sometimes can also turn out to be nightmares. Firstly, either party may be pressurized to have sex. If one decides to abstain from sex until marriage, yet he/she is regularly pressurized to have sex, he/she m ay not feel being respected and trusted.Secondly, girls may end up with premarital pregnancy. Studies show that majority of teenagers aged between 15 and 20 who live together with their partners have become pregnant. Pregnancy further leads couples to a lot of complications like abortion and so on. Therefore, their relationship is greatly affected. Lastly, couples may get infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). STD can cause serious illnesses and long-term effects on both males and females. If one is being infected by STD, he/she will lose faith in their relationship.It seems that the openness of the society encourages cohabitation parents should bout role in influencing their kids and not allowing their kids to cohabit with partners. If something is not going to be done to address this problem, more and more teenagers will be suffering from the consequences that evolve from cohabitation. Having said these, the behavior of young people living together before marriage i s unacceptable.Bibliographyhttp//

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Psychological disorders and physical illness Essay

Irrational fear of common things leads to their inability to cope with life because the things that they fear live with to be faced everyday. The most common disorders include phobias, In the medical field, many factors are attributed to the various conditions that mass experience. Although genetic and biological factors which constitute of the natural causes and the life experiences which are the nurture factors contribute to peerlesss physical wellbeing, it is too possible that a majority of illnesses that people suffer from are brought about by psychological factors. sum diseases, chronic headaches, insomnia, hypertension, ulcers, eating disorders among others are some of the diseases that can be caused by psychological factors (Stoudemire A. 1995). It has been established that when ones stress levels are very high, it reduces the activity of the lymphocytes tip to an increased likelihood of illness (Sadock B J. , Kaplan H. I. & Sadock V. A. ).A person suffering from a psycho logical disorder will most likely have feelings of helplessness in any given situation causing them to suffer even from common illnesses more than than others will. To aid the patients suffering from these disorders, one can only recommend relaxation techniques while providing anti-depressants to control their solution to lifes normal occurrences. A person with a disorder tends to react in a more intense manner than other would in similar situations.This causes an imbalance in their bodily functions leading to their contracting illnesses that would have otherwise been avoided. It also affects their chances of getting better from any other illness that they may be suffering from. The disorders include anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders and panic (Ketterer M. W. , Mahr G. & Goldberg A. D. ). These render a person powerless against their fears and in the process affect their wellbeing.

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The Chinese Voyages of Exploration

The Chinese Voyages of Exploration Succeeded by the non-Chinese Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty is considered to be the in conclusion native dynasty to exist. The Ming Dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644 and is known as the greatest era of social stability and organized disposal (European). Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming Dynasty he is in like manner known as Hongwu, Taizu, and Ming Taizu. Hongwu died in 1382, leaving his grandson, Huidi, the next heir. However, Chengzu, or Yongol, created a legions campaign to seize the thrown. This started a three twelvemonth civil war, but Yongol overcame Huidi and took the thrown as emperor butterfly in 1403.Yongol wanted all other countries to fear his Dynastys power and see it as be the strongest (Asia). He created an expansion plan of chinawares tribute system and as a declaration Zheng He was appointed to lead seven voyages (Europe). Zheng He, a muslim eunuch, was captured at the age of ten and was disposed the task of grouping boys to be castrated. During the measure of the voyages, Chinas technology was used to help bring in these massive ships that pit sail. Known as treasure ships, these 400 feet long and 600 feet wide boats were equipped with nine-spot sails, four decks, and armed with twelve cannons.There were as well as separate watertight com infractwork forcets that had been recently invented. There were 2 major advantages of these compartments. One was if the ship was hit, it would not sink and the second was that it offered a way of carrying water for the passengers, animals, and fish. some other invention that was put onto these ships was sternpost rudders. Sternpost rudders were used to maneuver in crowded harbors and narrow channels and were easily disposed to the outside rear (Asia). The Chinese would navigate by using a compass and sailing directions. all over the past 300 years, China had been strengthening its power in sea. A network of trade had been naturalised in relation to their growi ng need for spices, herbs, and raw materials. Zheng He started his first voyage in 1405, which was make up of 317 ships with over sixty of them being treasure ships and almost 28,000 men. He began his journey first taenia in Champa, Central Vietnam and Siam, present day Thailand. From there, he sailed to Java, Malacca, and his main destination of Cochin, India making his trip last until 1407. Zheng Hes second voyage started in 1409 and lasted two years.Although he did not take part in the voyage, he organized sixty-eight ships to travel to Calicut to take part in the inauguration of the newly king. From 1409 to 1411, the third voyage set sail. Zheng He took forty-eight ships and 30,000 soldiers to the same places that the first voyage went, but also included the Malay peninsula and Ceylong. In Ceylong, war broke out between the natives and his men. So, Zheng He ceased the fighting and captured the King. He proceeded to bring him back to China where he was later released. The fourt h voyage was often longer than the first three in distance.Lasting between 1413 and 1415, Zheng He, accompanied by twenty-five year old Muslim translator Ma Huan, stopped in many of the countries he previously visited. Yet, this time he controlled sixty-three ships and more than 28,000 men to Hormuz, which is located on the Persian Gulf. Starting in 1417, Zheng Hes fifth voyage headed to Aden, Africa, cities known as Mogadishu and Brawa, and Malindi. Many ambassadors decided to return to China with Zheng He. Again, it took two years to complete the expedition. The sixth voyage began in 1421, and only lasted a year.Zheng He visited the same countries mainly to return the ambassadors. In 1431, the seventh and final voyage took place. Due to Yongols death, his successor Xuande set forth the expedition. For two years, Zheng He visited places like the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Aden, and Hormuz. His fleet consisted of more than 27,000 men and over one hundred ships. He also visited Jidda by traveling up the Red Sea. In 1433, on his return trip to China, Zheng He died and was buried at sea (Asia). These expeditions created a line of conference between the Chinese and Southeast Asia.However, the voyages were stopped due to many reasons. One reason is cost. These trips were seen as a waste of money because during this time, China was campaigning against the Mongols and funding the construction of Peking (Europe). According to the court, Yongol used the Dynastys money in extravagant ways to promote land and sea expeditions. Also, his move of the capital from Nanjing to capital of Red China was very costly as well as his ordering of the construction of the Forbidden City, which involved great than a million workers.His decision to widen the Grand Canal to allow more transportation was also cost effective. Another reason for the ceasing of the voyages was due to natural disasters. Epidemics in Fujian, lightening strikes ruining the newly knowing Forbidden City, a nd the flooding of the Yellow River leaving millions without shelter and over 1000 acres infertile in 1448 were major money traps. Even though the Mongols had departed from Chinese borders, Pirates and smugglers became a major factor in the south (Asia).Zheng Hes voyages were supported by the Eunuchs and frowned upon by the Conservative Confucian court. In 1477, talk about another voyage had entered the courts. The vice president of the Ministry of War immediately took possession of Zheng Hes records stating that they are deceitful exaggerations of bizarre things far removed from the testimony of peoples eyes and ears (Asia). The Chinese were no longer inte rested in overseas affairs mainly because the Ming Dynastys major reference work of income was due to land tax and not trade tax.Thus, China did not become a naval power and over time the non-Chinese ruled the seas (Europe). These voyages can be seen as the reason China slash behind in new technological advances as well as l osing their dominance over the rest of the world. Work Cited The Ming Dynastys Maritime History. The European Voyages of Exploration. procure 1997. The Applied History Research Group, Web. 3 Mar 2010. . The Ming Voyages. Asia For Educators. Copyright 2009. Columbia University, Web. 3 Mar 2010. .

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Christianity vs Jainism Essay

I subscribe to selected Christianity and Jainism, two of the foremost world beliefs as the two beliefs I would alike to comp atomic number 18. I chose these two beliefs because of my familiarity with Christianity and my concern in liking to discoer more roughly Jainism. I begun my essay by liking to understand almost their likenesses but comp entirelyowed up discovering many more about their differences. I will start by giving a wretched abstract on distributively belief and then I will register and interpret three dissimilarities in their out hold backs on perfection, convictions in paragons, and fin bothy their convictions about non-violence.Lastly, I will announce the book reader how these dissimilarities s modality the persons inside the religion. First, lets take a gaze at Christianity. It is a mo nonheistic belief that begun almost 2000 geezerhood ago. In the publication, Living Religions, it states Christianity as a belief founded belief that aim its outlooks on the life and outlooks of deliverer Christ (Living 295). Christians should make every effort to be like Jesus. The concepts that Christians accept as existent about Jesus (his life and teaching) ar founded on biblical text (Living 297).The Bible, which comprises the educating of Jesus through scriptures and text, has been mentioned to as the divinely motivated Word of theology. Christians accept as factual that Jesus is the Son of God and that God conceived all occasions (Konig). Jainism, on the former(a) hand, is a non-theistic religion. It is a non-Vedic belief that drawn from out of India. There is no shaper or destroyer (Living 122). Jainism is one of Indias oldest and was one of its smallest ren declareed beliefs but is now evolving identified as a entire and fruitful route (Living 120).Christianity and Jainism disagree in their convictions about perfection. Christians accept as factual that no one except Christ is perfect. Christians accept as factual that at that place is no fashion to come to that flawless state. They accept as factual that as long as there are persons, there will habitually be sin. Judaism and Christianity evolved on the cornerstone complying God, on adherence to his directions and aims and their trustworthy fulfilment. Since the fulfillment of Gods will is a obligation of a Jewish or Christian individual, two beliefs drop into the rule-deontological category.In Judaism, God is glimpsed as having a contractual connection with the Jewish persons where they should comply his Blessed regulations in come back for their rank of the selected people. God pays or penalizes Jewish persons founded on if they comply or disobey his will. In components of the Old Testament, although, God does display clemency or forgiveness, and in subsequent interpretations Gods regulations such as the Ten Commandments are pursued not only out of freight to God but furthermore because of their high lesson character.In Christianity, the focus is put on hunch over of God other than on complying his will. People should accept as factual that God is merciful and loves them as well. As a reflection of Gods love, persons should furthermore love other persons (and the entire humanity in general) and pardon their enemies. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus endorses agape, or selfless love (in compare to eros, or possessive love), which comprises of dedication to another persons good, even at the total cost of our own good and happiness.People should perform calm and nonviolence come back healthy bad and love for pain (turn the other cheek). This directs to a exceptional beginning of fairness, called the divine yetice, which is founded on giving a individual what he or she desires rather than warrants (e. g. , in case of a misdeed, salvation rather getting even). Even though anapestic love is absolutely a noble perfect, it is wobbly equilibrium and an so straightforward casualty of the prisoners dilemma, in which the best alternate for a ass embly of persons is not the best alternate for each individual in the group.In other phrases, unanimous adherence to anapestic perfect only works if every individual pursues it but falls short if there are self-centered persons who take benefit of the selfless people. Have you ever been exploring for a thing on the net income and snapped on a guiltless staring overpass and been sent to a grownup site? This eventuates more times than bulk separate creation realize. Many times dead overpasses or wrong arrangements will self-acting lead you to a pornographic site. The way that pornography on the lucre is accessed wants to be modified, so it is not mistakenly opened.There is many of debate through if pornography ought be on the Internet or not. Personally I could care little diagram if it was on dry land Wide Web or not. I perform not view at any of it incomplete will I ever care to. There are numerous separate populations out there any people who perform decide to view at porno graphy. I sense that is someone choice. As prolonged as the someone is 18 or through they ought be competent to view at pornography on the computer show in public till their eyes pass over if they longing to.The simply real problem I look is how a customer can be so without obstacle misdirected to a pornography position and exploring to receive out of one of these sites later you cast mistakenly been sent there can be annoying. I am definite we have all had this problem, you in one way or another receive sent to a porn position and all these tiny packing metal cans commence popping higher to play-act to other sites, to view at photos, and to pay for things.Trying to snap your way out can be crazy. Every time you at long last remove one packing reservoir another one pops up. If you test to exercise the behind dismissal to receive out, you not able to because the sites designer has it initiate so you are snared there. The way these sites are initiate wants to be changed. A customer ought not to be sent there if not they prepared in pornography in a explore motor or they prepared in a actual pornographic sites address.Misdirection to these sites wants to be stopped. Many separate population dispute that pornography ought not to be on the Internet because jr. young youngsters could receive into these sites and look item they perform not want seeing. In my view, younger young youngsters ought not even be on the Internet without develop someone supervision. There is many of knowledge on the Internet that younger young youngsters perform not want to be accessing in supplement to pornography.What I perform not understand is that you can play-act to a warehouse and pay for a pornographic journal or play-act to a cinema warehouse and hire a pornographic cinema and separate population are smaller diagram bothered by these than the very interchangeable thing on the Internet. I sense that just because there is pornographic material on the Internet that does not intend t hat you have to view at it. If it bothers you afterward just perform not play-act near these sites. Use the Internet for your have intents and sanction other separate population to exercise it for their reasons.As prolonged as the way pornographic sites are investigated on the Internet are modified in lead that separate population are not mistakenly sent to these sites ,I look no start why these sites not able to be on the Internet with all the other knowledge out there. I not able to ever play-act to these sites so if they are extracted it not able to act on at all since it does not act on me now. It is a someone determination that each someone has to generate for themselves and I consider every someone ought have the right to entry to no matter what material they are fascinated in.

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Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc

Strategic Recruitment is critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and legation because the organization needs people that fanny think out of the box and grasp concepts that are unalike from the normal. An organization is only as successful as it is able to keep up with change. By set out in strategic and aggressive people it al menials the organization to bring in new and fresh ideas to trigger the current staff that maybe stale with confident from tenure.Summary of the CaseKelly, CEO, has been running Heidrick & Struggles making sounds, low risk, and financial investments in order to get his company to the next level he now looks to much high risk, exclusively yet higher dividend investment into technology. The technology investments do not have a long track record of dividend which concerns the company of its financial stability. How can Kelly convent them, that he is making an aggressive finding in order to get his company to the next level?IssuesThe company probably has for years been get stocks and bonds, and these investments are low risk and low pay out investments. Kelly no longer wants to maintain the organization, but he wants to grow the organization instead.Alternate Courses of ActionThere are likely better investments with a proven financial track record. I am sure that the organization trust Kellys perspicaciousness but simply wants to a greater extent proven assurance that the decision being made are insolent decision. Being able to track an investment returns over a longer time period can be proof enough of it financial worth.RecommendationsMy recommendations are to do more look into on more technology funds in the technology field, look for companies with tenure within management and strong financial security. Even thought technology may be the current investment venture I would do more research to predict future market trends so that I could stay ahead of the curve. cultureKelly wants to see his organization grow, but in the future make sure homework is done and brought to the add-in first for consideration. Kelly must be to do his homework and is able to actually believe in his research before he will be able to convent anyone else of his idea.

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America in Black and White

Langston Hughes was an important and defining figure of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s up to the 1930s, a decade of extensive activity in the African-American arts scene. Hughes was known for the rhythm, jazz and blues, of his poetry. The theme of his poetry is mostly on the life experiences of the African-American. In his Theme for side of meat B, Hughes expresses the reality in the disparity of being Black among Whites. In the first stanza, the professors assignment was specific and defined which was to write a page or so oneself. It was a deviation from the usual rigid English lessons, like classical poetrys.Writing ab come forth oneself was more unaffixed and relaxed. Hughes used iambic quatrain to taunt the rigidity of the instruction. Hughes made it known from the beginning that assimilator and professor were different. The schoolchild thought the assignment over, and wondered if it was easy writing about oneself. Hughes used the free-verse style on rest of the poe m to contrast the earlier quatrain. Alliteration and Assonance in Line 7, I am twenty-two, colored, born in Winston-Salem had the jazz sounds of Harlem. Here, Hughes bared that the student was Black and therefore the professor was White.When he combined two vowel sound sounds in Line 10, I am the only colored student in my class Hughes indicated how strongly the student felt about being Black. Hughes used metaphors to denote Black with Harlem, 8th Avenue, 7th bridle-path and Harlem Branch Y, channelises where there was heavy African-American population. There was a noticeable change in the gild of the I from Lines 6, 7, 8 and 10, such as, I wonder / I am twenty-two / I went to school there / I am the only to Lines 12-14 then I cross / and I vex / where I come /. The I used to start off the lines, they now end off the lines.Such reversal was a symbolical of the place the Black took in society. The symbolism of coming from African-American places going upwards to the sc hool on the heap and taking the elevator to his room at the Y t former(a) of the students efforts to reach the level of the Whites. It must(prenominal) be recalled in Line 6 that the student had doubts I wonder if its that simple? referring to the assignment. today at Line 16, he was sure that It is not easy to know what is true for you or me. Hughes at this point now came with the you together with the me. With I feel and see and come across, Harlem, I hear you hear you, hear me we two you me, talk on this page (Lines18-19) the student was not just writing about himself notwithstanding of the whole African-American people. The sound of the assonance was strong like the clamor for equality. In Lines 21-26, the student cried out that he, in many ways, was like a white man with the same wants and aspirations in life. Hughes metaphors for gifts like shriek to mean growing old, Bessie for Blues, Bop for Jazz, and Bach for the classical and Baroque music.The student wrote that the African-American also cherished the things the White man enjoyed. Hughes subtly presented the extend of racism by completely leaving out the assonance, instead, the student was introspective when he asked So will my page be colored that I write? (Line 27). contempt the absence of the assonance, Hughes was still able to convey what the student wanted to experience life, like the Whites do, until he is old when he smokes his pipe and listen to good music. The professor and the student were a contrast from the start, with conflicts in between.Hughes establish a common ground in Lines 31-33 You are white / yet part of me, as I am part of you. / Thats American. He followed it up with Lines 37-38 As I learn from you, I dig you learn from me Hughes tried to make his readers see that the equalizer comes in both their being Americans. Theme for English B gives a very light treatment, being a free verse, of a compelling issue such as racism. The readers are able to internalize t he poem through its rhythm. The tone of the poem is ruminative as it is assertive with the use of the poetic voice of I coming as it is from someone who has a personal stake on the issue.Hughes was excellent in the use of a page for a newspaper in an English B class, where the student would use black ink to write on a white sheet of writing paper. The symbolisms accurately portrayed the issue in the poem that Blacks and Whites despite their inequality should not be opposing colors of America. They will both write history and define their hereafter as Americans. References Hughes, L. (1951). Theme for English B. Retrieved April 25, 2009 from http//www. eecs. harvard. edu/keith/poems/English_B. html

Russians As the Others in 1920s and Early 1930s Hollywood Essay

Russians As the Others in 1920s and Early 1930s Hollywood - Essay ExampleThe word-painting can be utilize as a symbol of the fate of Russians in Hollywood. It must first be understood that Russians had real limited success in Hollywood with the possible exception of Kirk Douglas whose parents were Russian Jewish immigrants. But this was because Douglas had no accent issues as he was trained at American Academy. However the rest of the actors of Russian melodic phrase had marginalized success in Hollywood as their accent forever sealed their fate and they were limited to every smaller side roles or at best calibre actors. They couldnt make it to the mainstream roles.Freaks (1932) is a sign of that fate. The movie is symbolic of what happened to those Russians who tried to enter the Hollywood. In this movie, the only Russian born actress, is the leading female character of Cleopatra played by immensely beautiful Olga Baclanova.Baclanova had arrived in USA with Moscow Theatre group . Her first bask was stage and that is what she was doing when a role in Freaks was offered.

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The Power behind the Prime Minister Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The government agency behind the hot flash Minister - Essay ExampleToday, well-nigh of the constitutional monarchies are prime ministerial by nature and structure. It is alleged that the prime Ministers office does non have galore(postnominal) legal roots, but is open to speculation and calculation of historians and political scientists3. In recent years, perhaps the most accused Prime Minister as a dictator is Margaret Thatcher4. Not having properly written causalitys has not prevented the Prime Ministers office from being in control of most of the situations5. The nature of the Prime Ministers work is all-pervasive. He is the national leader, chief policymaker, Parliament leader, leader of the ruling fellowship and the most powerful point in the whole of United Kingdom and all information and power are at his disposal6. UK Prime Ministers are also charged with sometimes behaving like the United States President.The Prime Minister, even though appointed by the British Monar ch, is bound by the constitutional convention and if happens to put d proclaim the majority in House of Commons, is bound to resign or request for a general election. To some extent, Prime Ministers office is still a de facto shade in it it is governed more by custom than by the law of the land. British Monarch is bound by Prime Ministers advice and this gives the Prime Minister a more powerful position. He also can use sure royal prerogatives directly7.Even though Prime Ministers are never prevented from running the country in their own individual style, the fact remains that his position remains ambiguous as he is not sceptred by any statutory authority.

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Arthur Miller's use of capitalism in death of a salesman Research Paper

Arthur Millers use of capitalism in death of a salesman - Research Paper ExampleHe held on to the antecedent taught business ideals of individualism from the previous generation to use in the present, which could not be acceptable revolutionized society. According to Karim, Willys failure resulted from his inability to revolve but continued to apply the winner declare exclusively business principle in an urban society that was passed that stage (67). One could date him as an come forwarddated individual who clings in the past knowledge in the hope that he croupe attain a last, even after having to depend on the same wisdom in the past. He believed that winning the trust and likeness from the society, was the ultimate way to achieve his long waited success. However in the past, as the transition from old ways were been replaced by the modern methods of conducting businesses, Willy as one of the the Statesn people who held on to the former faith of individualism, as an early fr ontier ethic in business had the several opportunities of his former success, but he could no longer manage to compete in the climate of the business that was promote by capitalism. Everyone plans to live a happy and satisfied life. However the means to achieve the desire varies in different personalities. For some, even if it takes illegal means, it does not matter as long as the end goal is achieved. Others prefer honesty and integrity as a moral character and value. This was what directed the history of America towards certain individuals success before capitalism in early 19th Century, as illustrated by the stories told, for some(prenominal) it took to become successful (Cullen 60). Willy Loman was no different, and he strived hard in his sales job to sustain his family, and fulfill his desires of living an American dream. His Social status best expressed as a middle kinsfolk was accompanied with hardship in acquiring wealth, and hence he had to depend on how the society wou ld take him, based on likeness for him to thrive in the sales job. The principle of self made man, and though being helpful before, failed as capitalist would attain the American dream more easily than utilize the former strategy. The growing capitalism taking over in the business world forced Willy out of the sales job, because it came with better ways of producing and distributing goods, for much more profit that Willy could not keep up with. Loman suffers licking after been declined for a job knowing he had retired as a salesman, which he struggled tirelessly all through his life. Through capitalism, power is associated with capitalist like Howard, who dares fire Willy after his long service in the company, without even minding the moral decency of setting him aside for retirement (Sterling 5). Indications of an old car, non profit making individual, and financial struggles provide that his financial status was worse to raise capital, so that he could start a business of his give closer to home. As an investor, Howard hoped for delivery of an efficient service as he also paid advantage to his workers, which determined his profit too. As a capitalist, it would then be arguable whether Willys firing was justify or not. The aim of capitalism is to acquire more profits after sales and production. Capitalism leave alone make use of the working class to efficiently expand the profit margin,